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45,83 €

Light, soft, thin and breathable, New Angance mask brings to you an exclusive skincare experience. It makes your skin flawless and vibrant. Progressive changes can be noticed during the period of use.

29,17 €

Designed for rapid recovery for dehydrated and damaged skin.

54,17 €

Reduces wrinkles, moisturizes and smoothen skin texture.

45,83 €

Limited edition 3 year anniversary mask.

51,67 €

Deeply cleans, purifies and illuminates skin.

56,67 €

Whitens, moisturizes and protects the skin.

8,25 €

To reveal skin’s youth and revive its radiance, this face mask is the ultimate booster care.

5,75 €

This mask contains actives which enhances the skin’s smoothness and suppleness. It is moisturized, soothed and softened. This combination of actives is a great partner to reduce under-eye puffiness.

5,75 €

The superfine fiber structure of the anti-Fatigue Express Biocellulose Eye Patches (obtained by natural fermentation of coconut water) allows them to fit like a second skin and to maintain dermal contact.

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