Fall Beauty Routine

It's autumn, the days are getting shorter, the temperatures are dropping, the leaves are turning red and then drying and falling. What about our skin? Can you feel the change of season on your skin? It becomes drier, more fragile, sensitive, tight and sometimes uncomfortable.

In this article we explain the mechanisms of the skin during the change of season to teach you how to take good care of your skin in autumn.


Why does my skin change in autumn?


Indeed, your skin is recovering from the excesses of the summer, sun exposure, salt from the sea ... Then come the temperature changes of autumn, humidity in the air, the different brightness ... Not to mention pollution and fine particles from the city. This represents a big rebalancing job for your skin.

Naturally in autumn, trees lose their leaves to renew themselves, so it is logical that our skin follows this natural process by renewing itself.


The skin on my face in autumn


As our face is constantly exposed, it is at the forefront of all these changes and is our main beauty asset.

Often in autumn, with the arrival of the first cold weather, the change of luminosity, our skin can seem uncomfortable, dry, sometimes with small flakes.

These small dead skin cells can also be unsightly when applying makeup, and give your natural complexion a duller look.


The skin on my body in autumn


Although hidden under layers of clothing, the skin of our body also feels the changes of the season!

Who has never suffered from the famous crocodile skin, when dryness invites itself on our epidermis causing discomfort and sometimes even complexes.

The need to cocoon ourselves, to take care of ourselves also increases during these changes of season: a good hot bath, a tea well installed in a plaid, our body needs heat and softness.

However, be careful with hot baths if you have sensitive skin, as too great a difference in temperature can exacerbate these symptoms.


How do I adapt my beauty routine?


Since the skin changes, it is necessary to adapt your routine to your specific needs.


For my face in autumn


Cleanse, purify

First of all, the first essential step in any beauty routine is cleansing.

Indeed, cleansing your face allows you to eliminate small dead skin cells, impurities and pollution on your face.

Our gentle foaming cleanser is ideal for this purpose, as it provides effective, gentle cleansing without further damaging your skin.


Deep moisturizing

Let's not forget hydration, an essential resource for your skin.

Good hydration gives your skin a plump, supple appearance and a radiant complexion.

It is therefore a key step to lasting comfort and beauty.

For this step, New Angance offers different serums to be applied with small circular movements until complete penetration.


Nourish to avoid skin dryness

And finally, to complete your fall beauty routine, the application of a moisturizing or nourishing cream according to your skin type is essential.

Here again, New Angance offers you several options depending on your skin type, age and needs.

Obviously, New Angance skin care creams contain natural and biotechnological active ingredients to effectively fight against the signs of time.

But also many precious oils to nourish your skin and offer you a cocooning experience.

From now on, you are armed to face this period, take good care of your skin and your beauty, naturally throughout the year.

Don't forget that beauty begins on the inside

Did you know that adapted nutricosmetics are a very important tool to accompany the change of season?

Try our luminous tomato rich in anti-oxidants and collagen and pamper your skin during this difficult period.


It is also preferable to consume royal jelly, for your morale, and to make your beauty shine from within your body.

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