The 5 cult assets of New Angance products

At NEW ANGANCE, we know that science and nature are not in opposition but complement each other effectively. This conviction comes from the thinking of holistic Asian medicine, which values the positive view of science on the power of plants. A look of knowledge and humility.

Our approach is to combine a detailed knowledge of powerful plants for the skin with the Research and Development of specific and patented active ingredients. Our goal is twofold: the effectiveness and the quality of our skin care products.

In this article, we detail the 5 innovative and cult active ingredients of our skin care products to make your beauty shine.




What is it?


Swertiamarin is the active compound contained in the extract of Swertia chirata.

This mysterious plant originates from the Himalayan mountain ranges and is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine for digestive disorders, liver problems or nausea.

Also, its effectiveness is demonstrated against fever, certain skin diseases and even against Malaria.

Therefore, its main active compound, Swertiamarin, is a coumarin known for its anti-inflammatory and healing action.

New Angance draws the effectiveness of its products from the most powerful plant extracts that nature has to offer.

Naturally, Swertia chirata extract has its place in the formulation of anti-aging products.

Indeed, this extract rich in Swertiamarin helps reduce the signs of aging due to. Inflammation of tissues, and helps. Eliminate complexion irregularities and thus preserve your youthfulness.


In which New Angance products can you find Swertiamatin?


You will find this active ingredient in the following products:

Anti-wrinkle face serum

Anti-aging face mask


The peptide cocktail:


What effects can you expect from the Peptide Cocktail?


The result of New Angance research and innovation, the Peptide Cocktail combines 4 peptides that fight the signs of aging.

Clinically validated to reduce the signs of skin aging and restore the optimal appearance of your skin. In just one week, you'll see the appearance of wrinkles reduced, skin tone and texture improved, skin plumped, supple and lifted.


What peptides are combined in the Peptide Cocktail?


2 wrinkle-reducing peptides (Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Dipeptide-2), target and relax overused facial muscles that make us look more Mature, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-50 replenishes skin's appearance by increasing your skin's natural fullness for a youthful complexion.

Then, Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4 improves skin's elasticity, for skin that is visibly lighter and more supple. Your skin will be visibly smoother, firmer and look much younger.

Therefore, our supercharged peptide cocktail is for all skin types and is an excellent alternative to wrinkle injections.


In which products can you find this peptide cocktail?


Anti-wrinkle eye cream


Caviar extract


Caviar, or black gold, has multiple virtues for your face.

First of all, it is ultra rich in proteins, as well as in omega 3, 6 and 9, and thus recognized for its lifting and firming properties.

In addition, it deeply nourishes the epidermis, visibly improves the skin's elasticity, promotes its regeneration and collagen synthesis.

Week after week, your skin cells are revitalized and regenerated. The skin is more toned and your complexion more radiant.


Which products contain Caviar?


Precious face cream

The unique combination of r-PGA and hyaluronic acid.


New Angance's innovation: a unique combination of these two active ingredients derived from biotechnology.

Firstly, hyaluronic acid, with its low molecular weight, hydrates and plumps up the skin in depth.

In association with the active ingredient r-PGA, a polyamide: a molecule resulting from the ancestral Japanese know-how (NATO) and which makes the skin more hydrated than ever.

By combining the 2, we obtain a synergistic mixture that is 120 times more moisturizing than hyaluronic acid and r-PGA, this is the secret of the effectiveness of our moisturizing line.


The New Angance moisturizing line:


Alpha arbutin


Why is this active ingredient used?


Alpha arbutin is used to help reduce pigmentation spots, homogenize and lighten the complexion.

How is it used? By acting on melanogenesis, the process of production and synthesis of melanin by melanocytes.

Arbutin plays an important role in this process by slowing down the synthesis of melanin by inhibiting tyrosinase, the enzyme that regulates the first stages of melanogenesis.

It will thus fight against the formation of pigmentary spots and reduce those already present, including post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation often associated with acne marks.

It is therefore an anti-spot and lightening active ingredient to be used in your facial care products if you are prone to dyschromia.


What is dyschromia?


Dyschromias are changes in pigmentation, which can be classified according to different causes (UV rays, acne, scars, inflammation...).

Although all skin types can suffer from discoloration, sensitive skin is the most frequently affected.


In which new Angance products can you find arbutin?


Lightening mask


In conclusion, New Angance's biotechnological know-how, combined with the power of natural active ingredients, is at the service of your beauty, your youth and the preservation of your natural beauty.

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