Poor blood circulation can lead to many inconveniences and become a real problem on a daily basis. Here's a quick recap of everything you need to know to soothe your legs and make them lighter.


The feeling of heavy legs is due to poor circulation of blood. The walls of the veins dilate, making them less efficient at returning blood to the heart. The blood will then stagnate in the veins and cause this feeling of tired legs.

With our increasingly sedentary lifestyle, the problems associated with poor blood circulation are becoming widespread.

They may indeed be due to standing or sitting for too long, lack of physical activity, heat, hormonal disturbances but can also increase with age and smoking.

If you suffer from heavy legs, there are some bad habits that tend to increase this problem: clothes that are too tight (slim or skinny pants for example), heels too high or on the contrary too flat (ideally no more than 3- 4 cm) but also hot baths…


Venous insufficiency generally results in heaviness in the legs, impatience or tingling.

If these symptoms are generally localized in the legs, they can also affect the whole body and manifest themselves in other forms such as extreme tiredness, dizziness or dizziness, cold hands and feet, cramps, d swelling of the legs, memory problems but also constipation…

Be careful, a feeling of heavy legs can be a first sign before the appearance of varicose veins. Varicose veins form as a result of dilated veins under the pressure of stagnant blood. Once they appear, only medical treatment can make them disappear. This is why these symptoms should not be taken lightly. As soon as varicose veins appear, we advise you to make an appointment with a doctor.


Fortunately, many solutions exist to relieve your legs and regain their lightness.

Physical activity

The first recommendation to avoid having heavy legs is to move! Do not hesitate to get off your bus or metro one stop earlier, to force yourself to get up regularly if you are often in a sitting position or on the contrary to sit down from time to time to rest your legs. The practice of certain exercises, such as the pedal boat (lying on your back, legs at 90 ° and pedaling with your legs) will activate circulation and act directly to relieve your tired legs.

The most recommended sports are walking, cycling and swimming; which are gentle on the body and improve circulation.


Diet also plays an important role in blood flow. For example, did you know that bananas, soy, spinach, potatoes but also dark chocolate can help relieve your legs?

A balanced diet without too much fat, salt or sugar is also indicated. Choose fresh fruit and spices.

Walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios will also be allies.


Nothing like a good spray of cool water on your legs to help your veins shrink and reactivate circulation. Step up from the foot to the knees. Think about it because especially in summer, fresh water is a quick and effective solution to find the light gambol.


And what could be better than a little massage to reactivate your circulation? For this, we advise you to massage your legs with the help of our leg gel. As with fresh water, apply it from the foot and up towards the thigh. Its formula contains menthol for an immediate freshness effect, grape leaves to increase the resistance of blood vessels and stimulate blood flow and sea salts which will improve blood circulation while leaving the skin soft.

Little tip for your creams: put them in the fridge, it will increase the feeling of freshness and reduce your leg pain more quickly.

Compression Stockings

Finally, if you have planned a long trip, we recommend stockings or compression tights. If putting them on is already a physical activity in its own right, stockings are an undeniable asset to promote good blood circulation during a prolonged sitting position. They are mainly recommended by plane.

The other solutions

There are other methods that have also been proven to combat leg pain, such as essential oils, hydrotherapy, naturopathy ...

As you can see, tired or heavy legs are not inevitable, there are many efficient solutions.