A radiant skin and a luminous complexion are the ultimate secret of an appropriate day care. Without a doubt, if you want to provide the right care for your face, it is very important to understand your skin type. The choice of the moisturizing day cream will depend essentially on the characteristics of your skin.

What is your skin type ?

Human biodiversity has meant that we don't all have the same skin types. Thick, thin, clear or mixed skin, sensitive or enduring, each skin has its own particularities. Therefore, you should first know your skin type before choosing your moisturizing day cream. Basically, we will classify skin according to its sebum production, from dry skin to oily skin, including combination and normal skin.

Normal skin and oily skin: the difference

Observe the T-zone that traces the forehead, nose and chin. If your skin is normal, this area will remain matt. You will also have an even complexion on the rest of the mixed skin of the face. On the contrary, an oily skin will have an excessive production of sebum which explains a light highlighting on the T-zone and dilated pores.

Mixed skin

Combination skin is halfway between normal and dry skin. Indeed, this skin can be too oily on the T-zone and drier on the rest of the face. This complexity makes the treatment of mixed skin difficult. You should only refer to mixe skin care when choosing your moisturizer.

Dry skin

Finally, dry skin lacks hydrolipidic protection due to its low production of sebum which makes it very vulnerable to external aggressions. You will often have an uncomfortable burning and tingling sensation after an exfoliating or cleansing treatment. Each skin therefore deserves a treatment that meets its needs and comfort.

Apply the moisturizing cream that best suits your skin

Some treatments may appeal to you, but if they don't match your skin type, it's better to deprive yourself of them. Like troublemakers, they can cause allergic reactions and furthermore they can weaken the hydrolipidic film, the skin's protective barrier. So which moisturizing cream should you apply to your skin?

The moisturizing cream for normal skin

Normal skin needs as much attention as fragile skin. The wrong choice of skin care can disturb its balance and lead to skin problems. The precious NEW ANGANCE face cream will be perfect to moisturize and firm your skin without weighing it down. Ideal for normal skin, this care reinforces its tonicity and improves its cellular regeneration.

The moisturizing cream for oily skin

To take care properly of oily skin, make sure you provide optimal hydration without overloading it. Opt for a fluid cream without an oily finish that will moisturize the skin without stimulating sebum production. To accompany your cream of the day, NEW ANGANCE has developed three hyaluronic acid treatments suitable for oily skin as well as mixed skin: the gentle foaming cleanser, the hyaluronic acid serum and the NEW ANGANCE moisturizing mask.

NEW ANGANCE skin care for combination and oily skin

As previously mentioned, NEW ANGANCE proposes three treatments to adopt in your beauty routine if you have mixed or oily skin. You will have to work especially on the T-zone and choose a richer cream for the cheekbones if you have mixed skin. The cleansing foam of NEW ANGANCE purifies the skin without attacking it. It is also appreciated for the softening and firming virtues of its plant extracts. After thorough cleansing, apply the hyaluronic acid serum to lubricate and plump the skin. You can also use the biocellulose mask when your skin is devitalized.

Moisturizing cream for dry skin

Highly reactive, dry skin needs to be pampered and soothed if it has been attacked. A relipidant cream will help it to restore the hydrolipidic film. It will relieve the very tensed skins by bringing an optimal hydration. Opt for the face cream with goat's milk of the brand NEW ANGANCE. It will rehydrate your skin at the beginning of the day and will bring you a maximum of protection against free radicals.



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