What are the advantages of using the sheet mask for the skin?

A real treatment, the application of a mask is the most appreciated moment of our beauty rituals. For a revitalized and plumped skin, a mask can indeed sublimate your skin in a minimum of time. Although effective, this gooey mass sticks to the face and may cause discomfort during its 15-minute application. The wait can then last an eternity! What if you opt for the lyocell mask, a light, caressing veil with tenfold efficiency? Light on this product of the moment!

What does a sheet mask look like?

Made of several layers of natural fiber, the mask is softer and more absorbent than traditional masks. Designed to provide maximum comfort during the treatment ritual, it is made of very fine organic fibers that adhere to the skin without suffocating it. For this reason, this mask is particularly indicated for sensitive skin that cannot tolerate the texture of cream masks.

Malleable and easy to apply, the lyocell fabric (fiber extracted from wood bark) perfectly adapts to the shape of your face for optimal coverage. In contact with the skin's heat, it delivers a concentrate of active ingredients that act deep within the skin. Its enzymatic fermentation favors a better distribution and penetration of the product.

As a result, the tissue is completely dry, whereas it was soaked in skincare oil before application. Indeed, fifteen to thirty minutes will have been enough to let the skin completely absorb its dose of elixirs. Such a mask will help the skin to hydrate to the maximum, purify, regenerate and regain its original suppleness.

The advantages of the sheet mask

More effective and less annoying than cream or paste masks, the sheet mask is very popular in Asia and Europe. Moreover, the concept is more practical for very active women. You can slip it into your handbag and indulge in an express treatment session wherever you are, even at the office. The sheet mask will not stain your dress!

Highly absorbent, the NEW ANGANCE Mask contains up to 10 times more serum and the result is clearly visible on the face. Indeed, if you look tired, bruises or very marked wrinkles, the effects of this mask will literally surprise you. Puffiness and dark circles are reduced, pores are tightened and you will quickly regain a rested face.

Indeed, what your mirror will reveal to you is the equivalent of at least 3 sessions of cream mask! Depending on the results you are looking for, you can use a mask with specific virtues. The brand NEW ANGANCE, specialist in this field, also offers masks with targeted actions to lift, smooth the skin texture or correct its imperfections. Between the regenerating, anti-aging, lightening and purifying mask, you can choose the most appropriate treatment for your face.

Moreover, these masks complement each other wonderfully and you can pamper your skin every other day to make it sublime. NEW ANGANCE skin care products are hypoallergenic products containing plant extracts and gold leaf. Selected ingredients whose cosmetic virtues come together in a single treatment. To be tested at all costs!



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