Gold skin care has it all!

When you know the value of this precious metal, applying gold to your skin is a little whims that we willingly offer ourselves. Although gold-based cosmetics invite to a new experience, the mysteries surrounding this key ingredients have yet to be revealed. This article is for the benefits of those who wish to know all the virtues of gold-based cosmetics.

Gold rejuvenates!

A bio-compatible material, gold becomes embedded in the skin in the form of antioxidant nano-particules, which are very active in delaying cell aging. Its effectiveness is further enhanced when gold is combined with anti-aging ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or collagen, to restructure, plump and highly hydrate the face.

Gold for a luminous complexion!

On your cleavage, the gold shines through. So why not on your face? If Hollywood stars are crazy about gold masks, it's also because this golden screen illuminates the complexion and revitalizes the skin in depth. Gold is in fact a complexion-enhancing treatment thanks to its richness in minerals and beta-carotene. For a radiant, sun-kissed face, a gold-based treatment will put you in the best light without the need of a makeover.

Firmer skin

Gold-based skin care is particularly effective in strengthening the skin's resistance and preserving its suppleness. Gold is also rich in trace elements, which are essential for boosting the skin's protection against the effects of oxidation.

The use of NEW ANGANCE gold-based cosmetic care is recommended for tired skin and sagging cheeks that need more firmness.  Suitable for all skin types, the precious face cream is very popular for its firming effect. Dilated pores are tightened and the skin's texture becomes more and more firmer after each treatment

Our advice

To enhanced effectiveness, take plenty of time to clean your face, unclog pores and remove makeup residue from previous day. At best, rinse your face with warm water to make your skin more receptive, which will help the product penetrate better.