About New Angance

The purpose of New Angance is to make you feel yourself. New represents human beauty, focusing not only on outerbeauty but also inner beauty.

Angance is inspired by the French word Elegancewhich embodies the image of the Parisian.

The History of New Angance

The founder of New Angance, Luc, worked for a global cosmetics company as a sales manager in 2006. He specialized in the sale of cosmetic products for non-surgical treatments and the introduction of new European brands to the market. Asian, and has helped many brands achieve success in Asia.

Based on his solid work experience and extensive knowledge of skin care trends in Asia, he decided to create a new cosmetics brand combining Asian, French and Swiss trends to help all of our customers achieve l elegance and the confidence they deserve.

The New Angance fabric mask was created with the ingredients from Taiwan but also with a serum based on hyaluronic acid from France. Designed to quickly repair skin imperfections and provide an instant moisturizing effect, the New Angance Sheet Mask quickly became our Best Seller.

Since the creation of our maskwe have constantly sourced raw materials from well-established laboratories around the world, always respecting the following key principleszero  perfume and zero allergens.

We now have a varied range of products for the face or for the body. New Angance offers solutions to major problemsfaced by the current generation.

Our products are developed in state-of-the-art laboratories in France, Taiwan and Switzerland.

France has the largest beauty companies in the world, which adopt the latest emerging technologies.

Taiwan is one of the world's best suppliers of the cosmetic raw materials.

Switzerland enjoys an excellent reputation in the cosmetics industry thanks to the high quality used, the results of the extensive research and development it undertakes, this  is where our latest range of the "hydracare + collection" comes from.

At New Angance, we work hard to keep our customers happy. Keeping a good track of the needsrequirements and working on them is our motto.

Today, New Angance is becoming an expert in the skin repair industry to provide the safest and most effective skincareproducts for everyone while promoting a confident lifestyle.