50 million people have issues with acne at varying stages in their lives. With that being said there's no reason to shy away from the limelight, because there are several things you can do during your skincare for acne-prone skin. In this guide, we're going to provide you with information about the types of acne and provide some tips that you can implement to help improve your skin. 

Types of Acne 

Before you can get into the best skincare for acne, you've got to have a better understanding of the types of acne you might have. There are two types of acne, which makes it pretty straightforward to figure out which type you're having issues with. The first type is inflammatory acne, which is typically acne that is red and results in cysts or pustules developing on the surface of the skin. The other type of acne is non-inflammatory acne, which is mainly whiteheads and blackheads. Several things can irritate the acne you have, including whether or not your skin is oily or dry. Now that you've got a better understanding of the types of acne there are, it's time to get into the ways to improve your skincare routine. 

Don't Cleanse Too Much 

One of the key components of a skincare routine is to cleanse your skin. This is to get rid of dead skin cells that are still clinging to the skin's surface. Although it's great to do this if you overdo it, you not only will dry out your skin, but you'll also cause your skin to become irritated. When skin is irritated, it can trigger acne. The first tip we have when it comes to your skincare routine is to be gentle with the way you handle your skin. The New Angance Gentle Foam cleanser is a gentle facial cleanser that's free from harsh chemicals to ensure you don't overdo it when it comes to cleansing.

You don't want to use harsh chemicals or overdo it when it comes to cleansing. 

Keep in mind if you spend a significant amount of time working out your skin is going to be sweaty, which can cause your skin to dry out as well. Therefore, you might have to cleanse your skin a bit more than someone less active, because if not sweat on the skin will irritate it as well. 

Wash Objects Regularly 

For every square inch of your phone, there are 25,000 bacteria. This means every time you raise your phone to your face the bacteria is coming in contact with your skin, increasing the likelihood of triggering your acne. 

It's recommended that you wash all products that come in contact with your skin regularly. This includes: 

Cleansing your phone screen 

Washing your pillowcases 

Washing masks that are worn daily 

If you don't wash these things from time to time it doesn't matter how often you clean your skin, you're going to be putting bacteria back on your skin. When cleaning your phone or masks there are several antibacterial sprays and wipes you can use to cleanse them. 

Read the Labels Carefully 

If you've got hormonal skin, you have to carefully choose skincare products for hormonal acne. The best way to choose products carefully is by taking the time to read the labels of the products you buy. Labels present the ingredients that are used in something, and if there's something you've never heard of and don't know what it is you can research it. It's best to know about the things you're putting on your skin because ultimately your skin will absorb it. We recommend you avoid products that have alcohol in them or fragrances. Both of these ingredients can lead to skin irritation, increasing the acne you have. Instead, you should opt for non-comedogenic products, because they will ensure your pores don't become clogged when you're using the product. 

Ingredients to Look For 

Since we're on the subject of checking the label before you make your final skincare product selections, here are some ingredients you should look for because of their beneficial uses for the skin. The first ingredient we want to touch on is benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide helps to unclog pores, which is useful for people that suffer from inflammatory acne. It also kills bacteria that linger on the skin, leading to acne flare-ups. Another great ingredient is niacinamide, which regulates the amount of oil your skin produces. It also helps to control redness caused by acne inflammation. Everyone needs daily vitamin C for several reasons, specifically because it helps to even the tone of your skin. For people that have acne, it can affect your skin tone, but you can manage this with daily vitamin C use. If you've got issues with black and whiteheads, you need products that have sulfur in them. The only downside to products with sulfur is that they sometimes have an off-putting scent to them.

Rethink Your Hair Products 

We know you might be looking at us crazy with this one, but hear us out. The products you use in your hair could be the exact reason you're having issues with acne. Certain shampoos dry out your scalp, which is skin. Therefore, if it's dripping down onto your face, it will also dry your face out. Also, think about the strong fragrances present in the hair products you use. There are tons of brands that focus on creating simple hair products, but still, get the job done. 

Nourish Your Skin with Vitamins 

Your skin, much like your body, needs vitamins and nutrients to remain healthy. There are several vitamins you need to include when thinking about natural skincare for acne including: 


Vitamin E 



Probiotics are commonly found in foods such as kimchi or kombucha, but some studies have shown how probiotics can be useful in fighting acne problems. Omega-3's help people lessen the scarring that's caused by acne. 

Stay Hydrated

64% of your skin is made of water, which means consuming water plays a massive part in your skin's overall health. You should aim to drink upwards of eight glasses of water a day to stay hydrated. When your skin is hydrated, it makes it easier for your body to control the amount of oil it produces. If your face isn't oily, it reduces the chances of an acne outbreak. Drinking water can also boost the body's ability to heal and when you have scarring on your skin because of acne, those lesions need to heal. If you're not sure what type of hydration products are out there look no further. The hydrating serum by New Angance is the best out there. Not only does it keep skin moisturized, but it also detoxifies the skin and reduces signs of aging.

Stick to a Routine 

We understand that one minute a product is in and the next day nobody is talking about it anymore. Try not to be one of those people that hop on the trend wagon and try out every new product you see advertised. 

One reason not to do this is that changing products too often doesn't give your skin time to acclimate to the products you're using. Another reason you don't want to change products often is that it'll be challenging pinpointing what is causing your skin to become irritated. 

Once you find a skincare routine that works for you continue to follow that routine until it doesn't work anymore. It might take some time to find the right products to use for your routine, but once you find what works you'll have a better grasp on acne control. 

Some staples that are typical for a skincare routine include: 


Moisturizer free of oils

Makeup removers 

Tone free of alcohol 

You need a routine for both morning and night, and there are extras you can add to be used sparingly, like an exfoliator. 

See a Dermatologist 

If nothing you do seems to be working, the last thing you can try is seeing a dermatologist. Your dermatologist can help pinpoint what's causing your acne based on an examination of the skin and spending time talking to you. During your appointment, they'll talk to you about products they think will be suitable to help control your acne. If that doesn't work, they can help you explore other options for your acne. Your dermatologist will even go as far as to point you in the direction of guides that provide you with information about how to take care of your skin. This will help establish the routine we discussed earlier.

Skincare for Acne-Prone Skin

When it comes to skincare for acne-prone skin, the thing to remember is less is more. If you do things in moderation, it's going to be better for keeping your acne under control. If you do things too often, it can irritate your skin. Are you looking for a company that offers reputable skincare products for people to use ? Check out the skincare collections on Newangance.com. We offer collections that can help with hydration, anti-aging, and other things you might need. 



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