Goat milk is a product used in cosmetics. It has a purifying, soothing, anti-ageing and moisturising properties and it also help to regulate sebum. Rich in fat acids, goat milk is ideal for preserving the skin’s condition. It is suitable for all type of skin : dry, sensitive, oily, mature or acne-prone. 

The benefits of goat milk 

Used in cosmetics, goat milk is extremely effective and is odourless. Its unique properties are recognised for the care of particular anf fragile skins. To protect the skin against the climate, many laboratories include this ingredient in their hand, face and body care products. 

The use of this ingredient is explained by the composition of the goat milk and its remarcable content of :

  • Amino acids, comparable to breast milk protein 
  • Vitamin A, in its most active form : pro-vitamin A or Retinol
  • Co-enzyme Q10 which is an anti-oxidant vitamins that helps to fight against cellular and skin ageing. It also helps to restore the epidermis by making it supple and elastic.
  • Fat acids, for their moisturising power and their antibacterial properties which act on the skin’s pH by keeping it balanced. 

More details about the goat milk :

  • Goat milk helps blemishes to heal and fade more quickly
  • Easily absorbed, it reinforces the skin’s barrier function and protects it from external agressions. 
  • Naturally anti-oxidant and rich in vitamin A, it helps prevent signs of ageing such as the loss of skin elasticity, wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots and lack of radiance.
  • The lactic acid in the goat milk is very effective in removing dead skin cells, boosting their regeneration and densifying skin tissue. Its amino acids content is comparable to mother’s milk protein, which stimulates the skin’s metabolism .

How to use goat’s milk in skincare ?

In masks, creams, soaps and shampoos : 

The most common skin care product with goat milk is soap. It is ideal for the daily cleansing of the body and face, and it allows your skin to soften daily. To take it a step further, you can also make face masks once a week by letting the soap foam on the skin. This will allow the goat milk to have an even more effective effect. 

There are also goat milk creams available to complete the beauty routine and to moisturise the skin in depth. Used daily, the cream helps to regulate the skin’s sebum, to reduce scars on the face and also to moisturise the skin in depth. 



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