What is Lyocell ?

Lyocell is a biodegradable and transparent natural fibre also known as tencel, which absorbs and releases more serum than cotton. Lyocell is a purified cellulose resulting from the transformation of hardwood pulp by a certified green process (enzymatic rather than chemical process)

It is an ultra-fine fibre, which allows exceptional breathability, high hygroscopicity, and excellent moisture retention. It is therefore more adherent to the skin and more confortable. 

The fabric is flexible and elastic with a single cut to fit muliple face shapes. The luocell mask stretches to cover every square centimetre of facial skin, regardless of its shape. 

Lifting and firming effect

The invisible elastic maks is reinforced with thin layers of natural plant fibres. As the lyocell in the mask absorbs the serum, the fiber’s ability to stretch increases and the serum opens the gaps between the fibers. Once the serum has fully penetrated the skin, the fibres retracts and the gaps between them shrink for a firm skin feel.

Ecological, biodegradable, non-polluting

The 100% vegetable fibre can be burnt completely without leaving any residues. The mask degrades naturally when buried in the ground. Lyocell is also hypoallergenic because it can filter out bacteria and pllutants. 

Where does lyocell comes from and how is it made?

Lyocell is obtained from eucalyptus or harwood trees. The fabric used in our New Angance masks comes from sustainable forests.

Using only half on acre of eucalyptus forest, it is possible to produce one tonne of lyocell fibre, which is one fifth of the soil-to-production ratio of, say cotton, making it a very cost-effective fabric from a land-use perspective. It should also be said that eucalyptus is a plant that does not require much water, so irrigation is not necessary. These éléments, together with the transformation process, have led to lyocell’s recognition of the prestigious European Ecological Label Oeko Tex 100.



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