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Are New Angance products made from natural ingredients?

Our formulas combine a variety of natural ingredients, each one is strictly selected and tested ensuring the skin is provided with the care it deserves.

How long can I keep a product before opening it?

You can find the expiry date on the packaging of our products, usually ranges from 24 months to 36 months.

How long can I keep a product once I have opened it?

The PAO, or Period After Opening, generally varies 12 months. This period is indicated on the packaging of all our products (in the form of an open jar symbol with a number and the letter "M").

Do you test your products and ingredients on animals?

To our knowledge, according to the data provided by our suppliers of raw materials, none of the raw materials used in its composition have been subjected to animal testing, after the date on which such experiments must be replaced by or several validated alternative methods.

I bought a product that looks defective on the New Angance E-Store?

You can contact the New Angance Customer Service by email: contact@newangance.com.

Can pregnant women use New Angance products?

Most of the New Angance products are safe for everyone. Nevertheless, we recommend the customers to consult their dermatologists or their personal doctors before using the products. 

Where to find our products in France?

Parapharmacie Beauty Directe


44 Boulevard De Magenta 75010 Paris

Parapharmacie YY


43 Rue Beaubourg 75003 Paris

Sas Parabaya Beaubourg


81 Rue Beaubourg 75003 Paris

Pharmacie Boétie


116 Rue De La Betie 75008 Paris

Parapharmacie Parasia


107 Rue Parmentier 75011 Paris

Sheily Paris

Dutyfree Shop

16 Boulevard Magenta 75010 Paris

Pharmacie Rer De Port Royal


100 Bd De Port Royal 75005 Paris

BB Beauty


255 Rue De Charenton 75012 Paris

Pharmacie Maxi Chausse D'antin


54 Rue Chaussee D'Antin 75009 Paris

Pharmacie Haussman Opera


19 Bd Haussman 75019 Paris

Parapharmacie Lafayette


8 Rue Lafayette 75009 Paris

Parapharmacie De Belleville


3 Place Jean Rostand 75019 Paris

Bio Belleville

Magasin De Produits De Beauté

20 Bd De La Villette 75019 Paris

GH Interntional


6 Rue D'helvetie 44300 Nante



103 Rue Beaubourg 75003 Paris

Sarl FC


10 Rue Greneta 75003 Paris

Pharmacie Des Grands Hommes


1 Place Des Grands Hommes 33000 Bordeaux

Sel Monge


1 Place Monge 75005 Paris

 Airport CDG T2



What is used for acne? 

New Angance Purifying Mask, New Angance Mask and the New Angance Whitening Mask can be used for Acne. Reason: New Angance Purifying mask will help clean the skin and the pores. New Angance Mask will help in skin repair by closing unwanted pores. New Angance Whitening Mask has Licorice which aids in soothing, anti-inflammation and has anti-allergic properties.

Which products have vitamin C? 

Yes, we do have Vitamin C in LUMINOUS TOMATO. Besides Vitamin C, we have other important Vitamins in Premium products and Hydration collection too.

Which products help from UV rays i.e., have an SFP factor? 

The tomato Luminous protects our skin with UV rays.

Do our products have retinols/retinoids? 

Yes, our Tomato Luminous do have retinoids called as Carotenoids.

The product I'm interested in is unavailable, what should I do?

When our products are out of stock (usually limited edition or permanently out of stock items), they are promptly removed from our store and are therefore unavailable for purchase.

If you still see the out-of-stock product on our website, you can check back later or stay informed about its availability through the "Notify me when the product is available" feature on the product page.

Instructions to activate the "Notify me when the product is available" feature:

Click on the desired product.

Locate the option "Notify me when the product is available" at the bottom right of the product photo.

Enter the email address where you want to be notified.

Click on "I accept the terms and conditions and privacy policy."

Click the email button to receive the latest updates.



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