Deeply cleans, purifies and illuminates skin.


  • Excellent cleaning efficiency
  • Gentle cleansing action
  • Natural composition
  • Beauty through anions: The Kishu-Binchotan charcoal mask can provide the body with the same amount of anions as a sylvotherapy cure, providing a feeling of refreshing comfort on the face while neutralizing the cations produced by the different pollutants in the cells of the skin, which thus regains its natural balance.
  • Controlling the production of Sebum

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New Angance Purifying Mask deeply cleans the skin to restore its brightness. Formulated with activated charcoal known for its powerful absorbing property, it pulls out all impurities from the skin. Containing gold foils, the positive ions balance the negative ions present on the surface of the skin. The production of collagen is increased and the nutrients deeply penetrate the epidermis to heighten brightness.


FOR DEEP CLEANSING AND PURIFICATION ACTION: The New Angance Purifying Mask deeply cleanses the skin to restore its radiance.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS SUCH AS CHARCOAL AND GOLD: Formulated with activated charcoal with high absorbency, it removes all impurities from the skin. Containing gold leaf, positive ions help balance negative ions on the skin's surface.

COLLAGEN PRODUCTION WITH INTENSE NUTRITION: Collagen production increases and nutrients penetrate deeply into the epidermis to increase its radiance tenfold.

RADIANT, PURE AND GLOWING SKIN: The result is clean, pure and radiant skin and the skin regains its natural radiance.

SEBUM CONTROL: The Kishu-Binchotan charcoal mask absorbs excess sebum, balances the secretion of the sebaceous glands while replenishing hydration, for plump and luminous skin.

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