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New Angance Mask x 10

Designed for rapid recovery for dehydrated and damaged skin, New Angance Mask roots from a novel hydrolyzing technology for intensive and deep skin moisturizing. 

New Angance Purifying Mask

New Angance Purifying Mask deeply cleans skin to restore its brightness. Formulated with activated charcoal known for its powerful absorbing property, it pulls out all impurities from the skin. 

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New Angance Mask x 10

Pharmaceutical Serum

The ingredients and formulas were specifically designed for Asian skin. All the ingredients used in the mask are met with strict medical standards. The highly concentrated small-molecule hyaluronic acid enhances nutrient absorption and increases hydration at the cellular level within minutes.


The tissue, made of natural biological fiber through fermentation technology, prevents secondary infection and accelerates wound healing. The natural biological fiber is highly soft, smooth and dense with moisture. The fiber of bio-cellulose masks is structured by 3D overlapping of fine micro-envelopes. This ensures that the mask contains twelve times more essence than ordinary non-woven masks, allowing the ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin. 

New Angance Purifying Mask

Activated Charcoal

Known for its powerful absorbing property, it pulls out all impurities from the skin

Gold Foils

Known for its detoxifying virtues and its ability to re-integrate the elastic fibers of the skin which makes it more and more brilliant

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