The virtues of caviar-based care



Caviar on the menu for a dinner party is the height of luxury! This star of fine foods has also been invited to the cosmetics department to surprise us even more. Indeed, beauty institutes have developed caviar treatments with multiple virtues for the skin. Their strengths? It is certainly their strong content of minerals, but it should not be denied that the price of these cares will inevitably not leave you unmoved. Ever since Angelina Jolie praised its benefits, caviar cream has become the object of covetousness. What is caviar-based skin care really worth?


Caviar is a source of nutrients

With a good quantity of sturgeon eggs, caviar contains a generous dose of trace elements, omega 3, amino acids, but also a good content of magnesium, calcium, vitamin A and D. Although present in other cosmetic ingredients, its concentration in minerals will help you preserve the vitality of your skin. Other rare substances such as vitellin, phosphoproteins and phospholipids complete the list to beautify the skin tissue.



What are the benefits of caviar-based skin care?


The virtues of caviar have been scientifically proven. Its extremely rich composition in minerals contributes to the maintenance of the skin's suppleness, which slows down skin aging. To keep a young skin as long as possible, caviar care products are real beauty allies. Indeed, caviar reinforces the hydrolipidic film, protects the skin from the effects of oxidation and free radicals and promotes collagen production. All these actions combine to boost the vitality and elasticity of your skin. Caviar care is very effective in slowing down the appearance of fine lines as you approach your thirties, but also in smoothing out the wrinkles that are already there.


Which caviar facial to choose?

If you want to correct the first signs of aging or recover a smooth and firm skin, there is nothing like a nourishing and firming caviar-based treatment. You will find all the active ingredients your skin needs to stay healthy. Does your skin need a complete treatment to regain its firmness and suppleness? Choose New Angance's precious face cream, the ultimate composition of caviar from farmed sturgeon, mother-of-pearl powder, gold and hyaluronic acid. A dab of this creamy treatment to be applied day and night will give your skin a second youth. Wrinkles disappear for a firmer, more hydrated and healthier looking skin.



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