Sagging skin? Wrinkles? Discolouration? Lack of radiance? Brown spots? These are not the terms you might think of, yet they are part of the natural skin cycle. But do you really know what mature skin is and what advice do you have to take care of it?


What is mature skin?

Mature skin is not just wrinkled skin. It can be defined by sagging, lack of skin tone or the appearance of dark spots from the age of 30. But this age varies. In fact, it is not age but the evolution of hormone levels that makes skin "mature": fibroblasts, the cells that produce collagen and elastin, and the level of hyaluronic acid, the carbohydrate that naturally plumps up the skin, decrease.

It is at this precise moment that an adapted beauty routine is necessary to increase the collagen of the face and make it tighter.



Tips to apply for your skin

Mature skin renders obsolete the type of skin you had before (oily, combination or dry skin). It requires special attention and the use of products containing so-called anti-ageing active ingredients, rich in antioxidants, a molecule that fights against premature ageing of the skin.


N°1 Favour products containing "anti-ageing" active ingredients

As mentioned before, mature skin must be treated differently. The so-called anti-ageing ranges, rich in antioxidants, should be favoured to bring the missing collagen to your epidermis. Choose anti-wrinkle serums to give your skin a second youth or hydrogel face masks that increase the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and collagen in your skin.


N°2 Gently cleanse your skin

Good cleansing applies to all skin types. However, mature skins should pay special attention to this last tip. Get into the habit of washing your face morning and evening with products that do not attack your acid mantle to remove all impurities caused by pollution and external factors. Gentleness is the key.


N°3 Moisturise your mature skin

Moisturising the epidermis is a key factor in caring for mature skin. Hormonal imbalance due to age is another factor that modifies the nature of your skin and is mainly responsible for the appearance of dry skin. Therefore, you should choose skin care products that contain vitamin A, C or E. NEW ANGANCE has developed a radiance face cream with an anti-ageing effect: Precious face cream.

Don't forget to moisturise sufficiently with water rich in minerals and trace elements (boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc).


N°4 Prevention is better than cure

Taking care of mature skin also means paying attention to external factors that can accelerate the decrease in cell renewal of the epidermis:


  • The sunthe skin's number one enemy. In the long term, the sun can cause irreversible damage. It is advisable to avoid exposure to the sun between 11am and 4pm and to apply protective sun cream on all occasions. Not just by the pool or on the beach. NEW ANGANCE has created an anti-wrinkle eye cream that protects against the sun's UV rays.


  • Diet: Diet has a direct impact on the condition of our skin. As the saying goes: you are what you eat. Eat a balanced diet to give your skin the defences against daily oxidation (fruit, vegetables, green tea, dark chocolate and oily fish).


  • Tobacco: tobacco reduces the oxygenation of cells. Combined with the sun, it becomes very harmful for your skin.
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