About us

Who are we?

New Angance was established in Paris 2013. We strive to achieve excellence and have become the expert of Skin-Repair industry. We are dedicated to provide women the most efficient and safest skin care products. Combining a variety of natural ingredients, each one is strictly selected and tested ensuring the skin is provided with the care it deserves.

Our Mission

The purpose of New Angance is to rebuild the confidence of woman, and encourage them to pursue Beauty bravely. New stands for a fresh look, focusing not only in the outward appearance, but the enhancement of the soul. Angance is inspired by the French word Elegance, which embodies the image of the Parisienne.

Our Story

Cosmetic injections often leave patients with extremely sensitive and dehydrated skin. As a result, the face becomes red and swollen, bruises and pinholes appear for days, forcing the patient to isolate herself. Working in the cosmetics surgery field for years in Paris, New Angance’s founder witnessed the troubles of many women endured through this process. Thus, created New Angance Mask for instant recovery and repair of the skin.