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Scattered with golden sparkles, this gel with a precious appearence and a delicate fragrance of champagne forms a light foam that cleanses the face while invigorating it. Its formula combines the benefits of purifying...
Anti-Aging Mask x 10 - 1 Anti-Aging Mask x 10 - 1
Limited time offer
€38.67 €48.33
The New Angance Anti-Aging Mask visibly reduces wrinkles, smooths skin texture, and deeply hydrates. The skin regains its radiance and youthfulness. Benefits: Anti-aging, Rapid Skin Regeneration, Intense Hydration,...
The patches in question have a unique texture and a shape that is perfectly adapted to fit the contours of the eye area, ensuring optimal distribution of the active ingredients in their innovative formula. This...
New Angance Whitening Mask - 1 New Angance Whitening Mask - 1
Limited time offer
€38.67 €48.33
Controls melanin production, prevents skin allergies and inflammation, reduces hyperpigmentation and helps minimize sunspots, age spots, and acne scars, restores brightness to the complexion.     
This simple yet effective technique involves using a smooth-edged tool to scrape the skin gently, stimulating blood circulation and promoting a healthy glow. 
The Youth Revealing Hydrogel Face Mask fits perfectly on the face for a better diffusion of the active ingredients and a maximized efficiency. The combination of 2 moisturizing and anti-aging active ingredients helps...
Limited time offer
€19.33 €24.17
Experience ultimate protection with our sunscreen, expertly formulated to shield your skin from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays. Our unique formula not only reduces heat and sun damage but also provides deep...
Hydrating Serum - 1 Hydrating Serum - 1
Limited time offer
€26.00 €32.50
This serum is specifically formulated to provide optimal hydration, repair, and detoxification to the skin. Volume: 30ml Effects: • Anti-aging • Intense Hydration • Skin Repair • Slows and reduces skin aging...
New Angance Mask x10 - 1 New Angance Mask x10 - 1
Limited time offer
€33.33 €41.67
The iconic masks of New Angance are renowned for their ultra-innovative fabric texture. Made from lyocell, a type of fabric for masks, they facilitate the deep penetration of highly concentrated and carefully selected...
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