The object of all ills, the winter cold leaves traces on the skin. Redness, tightness, the skin becomes dehydrated and becomes visibly fragile. Whether you plan to ski in the Alps, go out shopping, or even stay holed up at home acclimatized by home heating, your skin will always need to be well nourished, hydrated and maximally protected.

Here are the essential beauty tips to protect your skin during the winter.

1- Cleanse the skin gently

With or without make-up, your skin suffers the effects of pollution every day. To get rid of impurities and to avoid clogging the pores, make-up removal should be done upon getting up and before going to bed. If you have particularly sensitive skin, opt for mild cleansers like micellar water, NEW ANGANCE brand gentle foaming cleanser, but avoid rinsing with tap water. Very calcareous it will aggravate the dryness of the skin.

2- Optimal hydration

Hydration of the skin is a beauty gesture that will prevent you from getting snake skin. In fact, the skin easily breaks under the effect of extreme temperatures and loses its water content considerably. This lets you think about moisturizing your skin well during the winter.

For better hydration, multiply the treatments by adding to your day and night care, an illuminating face lotion and a NEW ANGANCE hyaluronic acid serum for invigorated and revitalized skin. In winter, the face serum is essential for better hydration. In fact, the skin is more capricious and difficult to fill. The serum will provide more minerals to properly nourish and hydrate the skin.

3- A mask-based treatment

If your skin requires a deep hydration cure, a NEW ANGANCE nourishing and hydrating mask may be essential. You can then generously coat your face with this mask two to three times a week, if you feel the need. The mask can be applied to healthy, non-irritated skin. If in doubt, consult your dermatologist before adopting it in your beauty routine.

4- Get rid of dead cells

Very exposed to the cold, the skin tightens, cracks and leaves dead skin in the most sensitive areas. In adadition, chapped lips require full care. Opt for a very gentle enzymatic scrub to gently exfoliate your skin without damaging it. Remember to apply a generous layer of moisturizing and repairing balm before going outside.

5- Repair your skin

Exhausted and overexposed to the cold, your skin can be very vulnerable. A repairing cream should be included in your skin care kit to revitalize the skin and soothe it. Opt for treatments rich in minerals and without chemical active ingredients so as not to weaken it further.



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