What is Eyeliss™ ?

To maintain or restore the freshness and youthfulness of facial expression, the eye contour area must be toned, free of sagging and without fatigue, smooth and free of bags under the eyes.

The eye contour area, while it may betray age or an overly frenetic lifestyle, is a very fragile area whose appearance reflects all the minor ups and downs of life, such as minor, local, venous, lymphatic and skin imbalances.

The cosmetic effectiveness of a product to reduce under-eye bags must address the main components associated with the emergence and maintenance of this unsightly phenomenon, observed in both men and women:

  • Capillary fragility which allows the leakage of plasma fluid and the formation of oedemas, thus the blue colour found in dark circles.

  • The local insufficiency of lymphatic drainage, which no longer eliminates the accumulated fluids and therefore creates the effect of bags under the eyes with drooping skin.

  • Skin sagging which favours interstitial stasis of liquids and the associated inflammatory state

EYELISS™ comes in the form of a clear aqueous solution, which contains three active ingredients:

  • Hesperidin methyl chalcone, which reduces fluid leakage by strengthening the capillary micro-vessel barrier
  • VW dipeptide, which mobilises fluids in the tissues and drains them by activating the lymphatic pump
  • Palmitoyl-GQPR peptide, which reduces local inflammation and restores skin firmness and elasticity.

EYELISS™ is designed for the preventive and restorative treatment of under the eye bags.

Ingredients of the Eyeliss™ and their effects:

  • Hesperidin methyl chalcone

Many products of natural origin (flavonoids, Ruscus extract, horse chestnut extract, etc.) are used to strengthen distended and permeable vascular walls.

Hesperidin and its derivatives are flavonoids found in citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges. This ingredient has anti-oedematous properties.

  • Dipeptide

As mentioned in the introduction, insufficient lymphatic drainage is a major contributor to the formation of under-eye bags. We therefore looked for ways to correct this deficiency.

Dipeptide increases fluid retention in the body but also increases blood pressure and therefore limits water retention. This means that the appearance of bags under the eyes is reduced.

  • Peptide 

In order to strengthen the fragile skin tissue under the eyes, a third active substance has been included in EYELISS™.

The peptide allows the skin to be protected against UV rays, but it also has a skin restructuring effect.

The results of using the peptide showed:

  • A 17-19% increase in skin firmness

  • 27-39% increase in skin elasticity

  • A decrease in wrinkles by 56%.

The Results of using Eyeliss™ :

The validity of the concept was demonstrated by a clinical study on 20 volunteers with an average age of 51 years with chronic under eye bags.

The 3D morphometric analysis by fringe projection showed a real effectiveness of the EYELISS™ product on the reduction of the volume of chronic bags under the eyes in subjects.

  • 62% of the panel appreciated the rapid penetration of the product and the silky appearance of the skin.
  • The texture of the product was judged pleasant by 71% of the volunteers

B1 After the product is absorbed, the skin is not sticky

B2 The product has a pleasant fragrance

B3 The product has a pleasant texture

B4 The product feels fresh

B5 The product is quickly absorbed

B6 The product is easy to apply

B7 The product gives a silky feel to the skin.

The subjects interviewed made the following comments:

  • Smoothed eye area: 62%
  • Reduction of bags under the eyes and decongesting effect: 70%. 
  • The product moisturises the skin: 86% satisfaction
  • The skin is softer: 71% satisfied
  • The product has a soothing effect: 71%.
  • Overall effectiveness after 56 days: 52%.

Overall, the results show the following strengths for EYELISS™:

The product is moisturising, provides softness and is soothing. The majority of volunteers found the product effective. It decreases the size of the bags under the eyes, has a decongesting effect and smoothes the eye area.



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