What is hamamelis :

Hamamelis is a shrub native of North America, whose botanical name is Hamamelis Viriginiana. It can grow up to 4 metres high, it alternative rough leaves and short stalk. Its yellow four-petalled flowers are born at the same as the fruit. It is the leavers and the young stems that are used for their therapeutic properties. 

The effects of Hamamelis :

- Thérapeutiques :

 Hamamelis is used in various disorders of the venous system : viricose veins and varicosities, heavy legs or venous congestion. Hamamelis has astringent properties, which helps to tighten the skin tissue, vasoconstrictor properties which strenghtens blood circulation in the veins, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

The plant can be used alone or with adjuvants that reinforce or complete its action. « Combined with other plants such as red vine, it promotes blood circulation and improves venous returns. »These are the main ingredients that you will find in our revitalising hydrogel patches. 

- Tonic 

Renowned for its toning stimulating properties, hamamelis extract stimulates blood microcirculation, thans providing instant relief for tired looks, dark circles and marked skin. It is also used to reduce the effect of heavy lefs and to reduce oedemas.

- Soothing and softening

Very versatile, Hamamelis extract helps to relieve skin irritations, sunburns or superficial burns. Applied as a mask, or as an eye patch (as in our products), Hamamelis extrect deeply moisturises dry skin and protects it from drying out. 

- Astringent and purifying

In addition to softening and soothing dry and sensitive skin, Hamamelis extract is also an essential treatment for combination to oily skin. Its purifying and astringent properties tighten pores, regulates sebum and fights against the appearance of imperfections.

Parts of the plant used :

The leaves, bark and dried branches are used in Hamemalise cosmetics. The various galenic forms of the plant (infustion, water, mother tincture…) are a mixture of the partis of this shrub. 



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